Episode 38: It’s a Grenad Launcher… I Mean Grenade Launcher!

In this weeks episode April talk Comic Con updates for C2E2, Indiana Comic Con and Motor City Comic Con.  Jason has some video game news dealing with WoW’s Patch 7.2 PTR changes, the good , the bad and the Switch and a few other things. Chris gives his review of Legion, an Fx TV series as well as the Wonder Woman trailer.  April talks births including Harry Melling, Billy Crystal and Sean Biggerstaff.  And Jaston talks tech about leaked CIA docs, daylight savings time and 3D printing grenade launchers.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 38 Notes


Episode 37: Logan and Zelda and Horizon Oh Myyyyyyy!

In this episode Chris talks about the new movie Logan (spoiler free).  April talks birthdays for this week.  Jason talk video game news like Bolivia not happy about Ghost Recon: Wildland, Windows 10 “Game Mode”, Overwatch Orisa and licking Switch game cards.  April has Comic Con Updates for Motor City and C2E2. Jason talk tech on streaming services and scientists might be able to unfreeze cryogenically frozen individuals. We also have a Big Bear Growl 6 update.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 37 Notes


Episode 36: Be Sure to Turn off Admin Rights!

In this episode you April talks famous birthdays, Comic Con updates and pays tribute to the death of Bill Paxton and Neil Fingleton. Jason Talks video game news about developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas of WoW, the Nintendo Switch, Pillars of Eternity 2 and Star Citizen. Jason also talks tech like the “Ring of Fire” eclipse, “Right to Repair” bill, AI beats 10 professionals in Super Smash Bros Melee, and a fasting diet that can regenerate your pancreas. Chris talks about why the X-Men need to become their own cinematic universe. 6 out of 7 gnomes agree this is a good podcast episode.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 36 Notes


Episode 35: Today’s Best Codpiece Ever

In this episode we open up with Jason talking about this weeks video game news involving PewDiePie, PS Now, leaked Switch specs, World of Warcraft and MAME.  April talks about famous birthdays like Alan Rickman, Steve Jobs and Billy Zane.  Chris talks about a crap ton of entertainment news like Logan, Mel Gibson being in the DC Universe, Batman director woes, Disney live action Lion King, unnamed screening of what was probably Wonder Woman and the toy fair in New York.  April announces the Big Bear Growl 6 featuring Citizen Zero, Otherwise, Puddle of Mudd, All that Remains, Skillet and Seether.  Jason talks tech about “My Fiend Carla”, AI laws, hard to delete Yahoo email accounts, public FB live video can be used by media and the return of the woolly mammoth.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 35 Notes

The Bear’s Big Growl 6:


Episode 34: Spammers Never Prosper

In this episode Chris talks about comic book movie news such as Infinity War and the Batman standalone.  Jason talks video game news like how Blizzard is having a great quarter in users and revenue, Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2.  April lists off this weeks famous birthdays of note.  Jason talks about his space junk, not so trendy micro, exploding phones, vulcanologists (not Star Trek Vulcans) and spam (not the food).  April also informs us of the latest additions to Comic Cons.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 34 Notes


Episode 33: That’s Some Good Tech Talk

In this weeks episode April talk about this weeks birthdays.  Chris lists the upcoming comic book movies of 2017.  Jason talks video game news including World of Warcraft, Overwatch & Elder Scrolls Online.  April gives a few Comic Con updates.  Jason talks tech like VR Pong, Zenimax vs. Oculus, Nvidia stopping promotion software sharing and what’s the purpose of sleep?

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 33 Notes


Episode 32: Jason Just No

In this episode we give this weeks birthdays of interest. I talk about upcoming changes in World of Warcraft’s patch 7.2. Chris talks Supergirl. April reviews As You Wish by Cary Elwes.  Jason talk tech about randsomware, computers running 24 years and time crystals.  April reviews XXX: Return of Xander Cage. There are new Comicon changes. We also remember John Hurt.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 32 Notes

Comic Con Updates


Episode 31: There’s a Whole Lotta UK in this Episode

In this episode Chris talks about board games. April talks about upcoming conventions both local and long distance.  Jason talk WoW patches, tier 20 and mounts.  April gives this weeks birthdays of geekdom.  Chris gives his top 5 favorites Movie and TV Jacks. Jason ends on some tech talk including asteroid Wil Wheaton.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 31 Notes

Comic Cons local and far:

  • Great Lakes Comic Con (Feb. 24, 25) – Warren, MI – $10/day, $15/2day + $10 for glcc comic book – Notes
  • Hall of Heroes (Mar. 11, 12) – Elkhart, IN – Dean Cain – Adult: $20/day, $30/2day  Youth: $10/day, $15/day  Veterans: Free/1day – Notes
  • Indiana Comic Con (Apr. 14-16) – Indianapolis, IN – $60/3day, $30/Friday, $40/Saturday, $30/Sunday – Notes
  • Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo C2E2 (Ap. 21-23) – Chicago, IL – $70/3day, Kids $20/3day, $30/Friday, $40/Saturday, $35/Sunday, $10/Kids Sunday – Notes
  • Motor City Comic Con (May 19-21) – Novi, MI – $75/weekend, $25/Friday, $40/Saturday, $30/Sunday
  • San Diego Comic Con International (July 20-23, 21 preview night) – San Diego, CA – Prices not posted yet – Notes
  • Wizard World (Aug. 24-27) – Rosemont, IL – Advance: $94.95/4day, $50/Thursday, $50/Friday, $60/Saturday, $50/Sunday  On-Site: $105/4day, $50/Thursday, $60/Friday, $70/Saturday, $60/Sunday – Notes

Episode 30: Pirates N’ Thar Booty

In this episode we talk about WoW’s patch 7.1.5.  April gives this weeks birthdays.  Chris talks D&D Unearthed Arcana.  Jason’s  talks tech and April gives her review on the TV show Black Sails.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 30 Notes


Episode 29: Is There a Doctor in the House?

In this episode we give this weeks birthdays like norm, Jason talks patch  7.1.5 in World of Warcraft, Chris talks Mythbusters: The Search, April reviews Emerald City, Jason talks a little tech and the group talks about Doctor Who.  Who is you’re favorite doctor?

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 29 Notes