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Episode 10: WoW Legion, Famous Birthdays, What You Should Do to Prep for Legion, April’s Top 5 Favorite Historical but Isn’t Accurate Movies, and Group Discussion on Local Michiana Renaissance Festival on Kamm Island

In today’s podcast we talk about WoW Legion which is going to be released this week.  Huzzah!  April talks about famous upcoming birthdays this week, Chris banters about Legion and asks what he should do to prep, April gives her top 5 favorite historical but probably isn’t accurate movies, Jason gives a few computer facts and what’s new in computing this week and the group discusses the Michiana Renaissance Festival on Kamm Island in Mishawaka.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 10 Notes 


Episode 9: WoW Legion, Famous Birthdays, No Man’s Sky Video Game, 5 Things to do on Vacation, 3D XPoint Talk, Suicide Squad Discussion

In this episode Jason, of course, talks about World of Warcraft Legion updates, April talks about upcoming famous birthdays, Chris and Jason discuss the No Man’s Sky video game, April talks about her top 5 things to do on vacation, Jason makes a brief mention of 3D XPoint and the group discusses the new Suicide Squad movie.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 9 Notes


Episode 8: WoW Legion & Q2 Earnings, April’s Famous Birthdays, Chris’s Final Decision on Star Wars vs. Star Trek, April’s Top 5 CD Characters, Fun Computer Facts and Star Trek Beyond Discussion

In this episode Jason talks about WoW Legion & Activision’s Q2 earnings report, April discusses famous birthdays form 8/1-8/7, Chris makes his final decision on which he prefers better Star Wars or Star Trek and why, April gives her top 5 DC characters, Jason throws out some interesting computer facts and we have a round table discussion about Star Trek Beyond.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 8 Notes