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Episode 40: I’ve Got Nothin

Chris talks entertainment news such as the Justice League trailer, Spider Homecoming posters, and Keira Knightley.  April gives this weeks birthdays.  Jason talks the upcoming World of Warcraft Patch 7.2, StarCraft Remastered, For Honor and Super Mario Run.  Chris talks about the new Power Rangers Movie.  April talks D&D Beyond and the weekly D&D stream called Dice, Camera, Action.  Jason talk tech such as the super massive black going 5 million MPH and left Joy-Cons.  April and Jason talk about their review of the Beauty and the Beast movie.  April also has a few Comic Con updates dealing with Motor City Comic Con and C2E2.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 40 Notes


More Power in My Pants than I Expected

So today I received in the mail my LootWear package which contained something a lot bigger than I expected.  A lot bigger…  The Power Ranger pants were as tall as my girlfriend who was posing in the picture holding them up.  I don’t think I’ll ever be caught in public with these.  Way too powerful?  Probably not…


Episode 39: Short But Epic

In this episode April has a Comic Con update for Motor City Comic Con.  Jason talks World of Warcraft, Sony and the top 10 best selling games for February.  Chris talk about the Batman rewrite, Legion 2nd season, Netflix Iron Fist releases, how Beauty and the Beast smash March theatrical releases.  April talks about D&D Beyond, a digital tool set for dungeon masters and players. Jason talks about Google Home & Assistant serving an ad, US Army gets it’s biggest lazerrr, most popular coding languages in 2017, balloon chair boy, Netflix thumb up/down and don’t browse the web on a Nintendo Switch. April gives her famous upcoming births. Happy birthday Shatner and Jim Parsons.  And Chris mentions his unboxing of the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 39 Notes


Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game Unboxing

I finally got it!!!! I got it!!! What is it? Well, it’s the Dresden Files Cooperative Card game. This is my unboxing of the Kickstarter that I received recently.



Episode 38: It’s a Grenad Launcher… I Mean Grenade Launcher!

In this weeks episode April talk Comic Con updates for C2E2, Indiana Comic Con and Motor City Comic Con.  Jason has some video game news dealing with WoW’s Patch 7.2 PTR changes, the good , the bad and the Switch and a few other things. Chris gives his review of Legion, an Fx TV series as well as the Wonder Woman trailer.  April talks births including Harry Melling, Billy Crystal and Sean Biggerstaff.  And Jaston talks tech about leaked CIA docs, daylight savings time and 3D printing grenade launchers.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 38 Notes


Episode 37: Logan and Zelda and Horizon Oh Myyyyyyy!

In this episode Chris talks about the new movie Logan (spoiler free).  April talks birthdays for this week.  Jason talk video game news like Bolivia not happy about Ghost Recon: Wildland, Windows 10 “Game Mode”, Overwatch Orisa and licking Switch game cards.  April has Comic Con Updates for Motor City and C2E2. Jason talk tech on streaming services and scientists might be able to unfreeze cryogenically frozen individuals. We also have a Big Bear Growl 6 update.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 37 Notes