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Episode 14: WoW Blue Posts, Famous Birthdays, Time, Top 5 Staple Halloween Movies, Origin of Halloween, Favorite Candy

In this weeks episode Jason covers this Tuesdays hot fixes to balance current class, dungeon and item issues.  April gives us the upcoming birthdays for this week.  Chris talks about time in movies, TV and just in general, time lords included.  April gives her top 5 staple Halloween movies. Jason mentions this weeks interesting science news.  April tells us the origin of Halloween.  Lastly the group discusses trick-or-treating.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 14 Notes

The Haunted History of Halloween (Full Documentary)


Episode 13: WoW Legion, April’s Birthdays, Autumn Movies, April’s Top 5 Fall Things, Jason’s Geeky Things, Group Discussion of Fall Activities

In this weeks episode Jason of course talks more about WoW Legion pre-RAID.  April throws out some famous birthdays for the upcoming week. Chris talks about his top movies up to the end of the year.  April talks about things to do this Autumn.  Jason briefly discusses tech news from the week.  The group talks about fall / Halloween activities they’re looking forward to.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 13 Notes

Things Going on in the Area in Autumn 2016


Episode 12: Lots of WoW Legion Q&A Talk, April’s Birthdays, Fall TV Line-Up, April’s Top 5 Action Adventure Movies, Jason’s Geeky Things, D&D Campaign Storm Kings Thunder Talk

We talk about a crap ton of WoW Legion Q&A notes.  April gives this weeks famous birthdays.  April and Chris talk about the new Fall TV line-up.  Heck yeah, Big Bang Theory is on it’s way as well as a lot of other good shows.  April’s top 5 action adventure movies.  Jason talks about throwing out your Note 7, IoT botnets, $56 USB kill devices thumb drive, phones can steal 3D printer plans and Apple owns largest Bluetooth company so probably why it removed headphone jacks.  Our group discussion is about the D&D 5th edition campaign Storm Kings Thunder.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 12 Notes

TV Fall Line-Up


Episode 11: WoW Legion Has Dropped, April Reviews Rob Zombie’s New Movie 31, Chris Talks About Netflix, April Talks About Birthdays and Historical Figures, Jason Talks Sciency and the Group Discusses the PAX West Live D&D Cinema Event

In today’s episode, #11, Jason discusses the new blue posts primarily dealing with World of Warcraft’s patch 7.1.  The group talks about their initial experiences with Legion.  April reviews Rob Zombie’s new movie 31.  Chris talks about Netflix.  April gives this weeks famous birthdays and her top 5 historical figures.  Jason talks about killing all mosquitoes and John McAfee’s unfortunate dilemma  over his own name.  Lastly we all discuss our feelings about the live cinema streaming event of PAX West’s D&D event with Chris Perkins as Dungeon Master and his group the Acquisitions Incorporated.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 11 Notes