Episode 62: Inglorious Annihilation

In this episode Chris talk entertainment news with “IT” killing the competition with $117 million opening, YouTube Red getting Morgan Spurlock for “Super Size Me” sequel and pirating of Season 7 GOT.  April gives us this weeks birthdays including Guy Richie.  Jason mentions future tweaks in World of Warcraft to specs increasing damage, PUBG is making a lot of news, Destiny 2 is out on console and April mentioned a release date for “We Happy Few”. In D&D News April informs us of the new Guild Adepts lined up for Sept. 8th launch, new Tomb of Annihilation surrogate character sheet and check out the Acquisitions Incorporated episode.  Jason ends talking about the Equifax data leak, making way for self-driving cars and you should update Windows 10 S to Pro if you have it.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 62 Notes


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