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Episode 60: Our Triumphant Return

In this episode April talks famous birthdays like Amanda Tapping and Keanu Reeves.  Jason talks about the WoW’s patch 7.3, Overwatch’s Mei and Mercy, Microsoft’s XBox Live and Xbox One X and the Secret of Mana Remastered 3D.  Chris talks this weeks entertainment news including the weeks poor box office chart and Wonder Woman vs James Cameroon.  April talks about D&D’s upcoming Pax West as well as D&D Beyond now being officially released.  Jason ends talking tech about why yellow cereal boxes trademarks being rejected, Amazon + Whole Foods Prime and lab meat.  Mmmm.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 60 Notes


Episode 59: Starfleet and it’s Dead Captains

In this episode Chris gives us this weeks box office sales, LL Cool J, Wonder Woman at $400 million domestically and ESPN8.  Aprils gives us this weeks birthdays including M. Night Shyamalan, David Duchovny and Jim Beaver.  Jason talks patch 7.3 and Argus, SNES classic & Ghost Recon Wildlads has a 5 day trial.  Jason also talks tech about the TRS-80 and MegaBots are bringing us what might be dangerous robot explosions.

Inglorious Geeks –  Episode 59 Notes