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Here are your Inglorious Geeks!

Meet the Cast

J-Dawg (Jason):  Developer for a living who enjoys coding, gaming, mostly Blizzard & Bethesda games, wiz of wonder in Dungeons & Dragons, pickleball, disc golf, 3D prototyping and toying with new gadgets.

April: The history-obsessed geek who enjoys that which doesn’t put her into disadvantage in Dungeons & Dragons, binge watching television shows and movies, reading and re-reading, music of all types guru (just not rap and very much country), being outdoorsy, being a pretty ok pickleball player, and is the geekiest social butterfly you’ll ever encounter!

Chris: The old man of the group has plenty of experiences that have shaped him into the Geek he is now! Movie buff, video and board gamer, Trekkie extreme. Jack of Many Fandoms, Master of a Few!