Episode 39: Short But Epic

In this episode April has a Comic Con update for Motor City Comic Con.  Jason talks World of Warcraft, Sony and the top 10 best selling games for February.  Chris talk about the Batman rewrite, Legion 2nd season, Netflix Iron Fist releases, how Beauty and the Beast smash March theatrical releases.  April talks about D&D Beyond, a digital tool set for dungeon masters and players. Jason talks about Google Home & Assistant serving an ad, US Army gets it’s biggest lazerrr, most popular coding languages in 2017, balloon chair boy, Netflix thumb up/down and don’t browse the web on a Nintendo Switch. April gives her famous upcoming births. Happy birthday Shatner and Jim Parsons.  And Chris mentions his unboxing of the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 39 Notes


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