Episode 35: Today’s Best Codpiece Ever

In this episode we open up with Jason talking about this weeks video game news involving PewDiePie, PS Now, leaked Switch specs, World of Warcraft and MAME.  April talks about famous birthdays like Alan Rickman, Steve Jobs and Billy Zane.  Chris talks about a crap ton of entertainment news like Logan, Mel Gibson being in the DC Universe, Batman director woes, Disney live action Lion King, unnamed screening of what was probably Wonder Woman and the toy fair in New York.  April announces the Big Bear Growl 6 featuring Citizen Zero, Otherwise, Puddle of Mudd, All that Remains, Skillet and Seether.  Jason talks tech about “My Fiend Carla”, AI laws, hard to delete Yahoo email accounts, public FB live video can be used by media and the return of the woolly mammoth.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 35 Notes

The Bear’s Big Growl 6:


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