Episode 57: I GoT Nothing (Not Spoiler Free)

April gives us this weeks upcoming birthdays and there’s a lot of 82′ birthdays this week such as Paul Wesley and Anna Paquin.  More famous individuals include Woody Harrelson, Daniel Radcliffe and Sandra Bullock.  Just has a small amount of WoW news, check out Harmonix’s DJ remix game, Alex Mauer talk and Pokemon Go Fest was a disaster.  Chris talks entertainment news including this weeks box office wins and loses, Wonder Woman is the top earning summer movie domestically and San Diego Comic Con.  April has some D&D news about Critical Role’s new campaign book, D&D’s lead slightly increases on Roll20 and Chris mentions the Dice of Rolling Kickstarter.  Jason talks tech in regards to hypersonic missiles are scary, Verizon throttling mobile users under “video optimization” system and Michigan is building self-driving trolleys.  At the end of this episode we have a SPOILER SEGMENT for the 1st episode of Game of Thrones!

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 57 Notes


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