Episode 55: I Want a New Podcast

In this episode Chris talk entertainment news on Joan Lee, Spider-Man Homecoming swings in with millions, Jeremy Renner didn’t break his arms and more.  April gives this weeks famous birthdays including Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford and Patrick Stewart.  Jason talks World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Nintendo Controllers for your Switch and more.  April mentions the out-of-print titles for D&D and PlaneShift: Amonkhet.  Chris talks about the Sand Diego Comic Con giving us a preview on events like Timeless, Z Nation, R.L. Stine, Legion and many more.  Jason talks tech about Google’s new Dandelion startup, John McAfee, Japan might require the elderly to use vehicles with automatic breaking.  April remembers Nelsen Ellis, best known for Lafayette Reynolds in True Blood.

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 55 Notes


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