Episode 50: That’s a Whole Lot of D&D… and Other Stuff

In this episode Chris talks entertainment news dealing with how bad Memorial day was for the movie industry, $100 million Wonderful Woman opening, Dan Akyroyd blasts Paul Feig, Game of Thrones prequel plans and more.  Jason talks about the World of Warcraft Q&A with Morgan Day, Tomb of Sargeras opens June 20th, new Overwatch map, Nintendo Switch Online and more PC gaming.  Chris talks a spoiler free Wonder Women review.  April has a bunch of D&D news dealing with the Stream of Annihilation, which is about the new Tomb of Annihilation campaign which will be played by a large number of the adventure groups.  She also mentioned Wizkids miniatures, Roll20’s new content, Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate and much more!

Inglorious Geeks – Episode 50 Notes


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